Juanita is HERE

Underworld releases 2022 rework of classic 1996 track ‘Juanita’ on digital and limited edition heavy-weight 12’’ vinyl formats alongside a range of limited products exclusive to their official store

LISTEN HERE:  https://underworld.lnk.to/Juanita2022
View the collection here: https://store.underworldlive.com/collections/juanita-limited-drop

Track Listing:
1. / A: Juanita 2022
2. / AA: Juanita (Everything, Everything – Live Version)

Some music is just eternal. It is unshakable and divine, as if it’s been written on hidden chords or carved from a different rock to everything else. Maybe it’s not in your ears or on your mind all the time – imagine a much-loved old friend whose number has slipped off speed dial – but it’s part of your personal algorithm, swirled in your blood, coiled ready to send an electric prickle up the back of the neck once its story unfolds over you again.

Juanita is one of those tracks. Progressive in the very best way (in that it moves things forward) Juanita is solid proof that music shouldn’t need to be boring or formulaic. Music could all be like this. Just press play again and welcome the drift.

Named after much-loved Tomato mainstay and voice of Two Months Off Juanita Boxill, the track was the opener that Second Toughest In The Infants needed. As the way into Underworld’s second album, it had a mighty point to prove. Dubnobasswithmyheadman had effortlessly fused disparate musical worlds together into one unique whole. The band’s second album had to go deeper and turn curiosity into fixation. And Juanita (or, Juanita: Kiteless: To Dream Of Love to give the triptych its full title) was custom built to do just that.

The original was a sixteen and a half minute mind bend in real time; a plunge point to take you deep inside the machine, Juanita takes the same journey each time it’s played… and yet… each time, the focus seems to change, leading you down on a different route. Pounding metronomic techno and robot beat poetry gives way to a shower of piano notes that cascade around you before a Reichian ambience melts everything into white and green and red and red and black and red and white and grey and silver and green and grey and black. Listen again and it might be driven by a snarling guitar, a reversed rhythm and a disconnected elegy.

This drop offers two new versions of Juanita on one piece of vinyl.

The first is an evolution. A twelve minute-plus contemporary collage, it turns the whole thing on its head by taking pieces from Juanita past and present to create a series of new routes through the heart of the track. It adds both new vocals and parts recorded at the time but unused until now along with recordings of the track’s eponymous muse used as part of Underworld live shows in the ’90s. Further proof that music is never finished, this is Juanita eternal as ever, ready for her shining future.

The second version is the Everything, Everything live recording pressed onto vinyl for the first time – a snapshot of Underworld on the massive 1999 Beaucoup Fish world tour that saw them headline Fuji Rock and grace the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury.

The artwork for this limited release has been created by Simon Taylor/Tomato and features Juanita herself.