Tunnel Vision: Perou X Hyde

A passion project from celebrated portrait photographer Perou with accompanying text from Karl Hyde of dance music duo Underworld, Tunnel Vision is a hypnotic portrait of England’s underpasses. Photographed at night, you can almost hear the ominous hum of the broken strip-lighting, the knot of fear in the gut, the prickling silence of these desolate, urban landscapes. These unloved spaces are notoriously menacing, graffiti-ridden, inconvenient and prone to flooding. Yet through Perou’s lens, the architecture is also elevated to something beyond itself, at times even ethereal. Shot in the depths of night and lit from within, the original utopian vision of the New Town planners of the 1960s and ’70s also unexpectedly re-emerges from beneath the murk. The idea for Tunnel Vision was sparked between friends Perou and Hyde when Perou shot the album cover for Hyde’s debut solo album, Edgeland, featuring an underpass at night. Perou has now shot over 200 underpasses across England. The photographs are accompanied by Hyde’s text and also text of found graffiti on site. Each plate is also accompanied with the latitude and longitude of the location of the underpass.

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