World of Underworld

World of Underworld

“Welcome to a world in which beans or spaghetti or perhaps even pineapple are sealed in unopened cans like some kooky version of Schrodinger’s cat experiment, but at least the labels clearly state, “May contain beans or spaghetti or perhaps even pineapple”. Welcome to the World of Underworld” – Electronic Sound

Shut your eyes, pick a colour then follow the sound that it makes.

Follow its path as it shifts and twists like the bends of a running river; listen out for the eddies and currents created by bass notes, the ripples that form from the manipulated echoes of a human voice. Tune in and take flight as eras and genres flow together, merging spectacularly into permanent new paths where familiar signposts mark out new journeys that flow A to B in blue, orange, green, red.

For something so enveloping, so all-encompassing, music has a tendency to remain static. Recordings are committed to tape, stamped onto vinyl then frozen in time upon release, forever streamed in lockstep with an album’s artwork.

But what if you could reroute your history and redirect your future? Take sounds and feelings from over the years and meld them together into new forms that reflected the mood of the listener?

World of Underworld is an experiment. A series of sonic rabbit holes, pulling music together into cohesive, colour coded, hand picked journeys each of these explores a different aspect of Underworld’s sound, deep diving into nearly three decades of recordings.

The first four journeys into the World of Underworld are:

  • bigroombangersandstadiumtechnoman – the cyclone sound from towering bassbin stacks the world over… some of Underworld’s biggest hits and way beyond.
  • melodicgroovefortwistedfloorsman – some of the band’s very best songs where deconsturcted lyrics come wrapped inside addictive, hypnotic melodies and irresistibly propulsive rhythms
  • balearicbeatsandchugginghouseman – opening with the band’s classic ’93 remix of William Orbit’s Water from a Vine Leaf, this is a selection of blissed out, mid-tempo sunset-to-sunrise songs
  • ambientballadsandelectronicfolkman – collecting together the sublime, the beatless and the transcendent, this is an Underworld soundtrack to the small hours.

Over time, the World of Underworld will evolve as new releases and unearthed material appears on streaming platforms and they become a platform for experimentation, for creative process and spontaneous releases – the first of which being the recently released Brilliant Yes That Would Be  – a track recorded and mixed just a few days before it emerged online.

So, follow those sounds, listen to the colours, join all of the dots. Welcome to the World of Underworld.

Read the full interview with Underworld on World of Underworld in  Electronic Sound,  available with a limited edition 7″.

balearicbeatsandchugginghouseman ambientballadsandelectronicfolkman bigroombangersandstadiumtechnoman cover