Limited Edition Rez 12″ available to pre-order

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In an affectionate nod to its past and to mark the 20th Anniversary editions of ‘dubnobasswithmyheadman’, we are delighted to offer a  strictly limited edition 12” of ‘Rez’.

It’s limited release in 1993 on pink vinyl JBO 12” has become one of Underworld’s most sought after collectibles and, owing to its scarcity, has been bootlegged frequently. Remastered for 2014, and mastered at Abbey Road the new limited 12” comes on yellow 180gm vinyl with a previously unreleased version of its sister song, ‘Cowgirl’ on the flipside, marking its first ever appearance on vinyl.

Dazzling,propulsive and euphoric, ‘rez’ helped define the electronic landscape 20 years ago and it sounds every bit as vital today.

Pre-order Rez and Dubnobass… at  for release on 6th October 2014