Saturday 22nd December


This is for the courier who gave me the thumbs up,
the gallery who sold another painting, the beautiful person
who bought it & got the story behind the title. This is for the voice
on the phone of a struggling friend who wanted it all to end but
joined me in laughter, the friends who shared their lunch
with me, fellow travellers of stage & screen just the sight of whose
faces raised my spirits. The tireless Birthday Boy, the Man of Light,
the shredded man scratching at the strings of a broken guitar on
Embankment Bridge & the happy drunks tumbling along luminous
streets. This is for William Klein & Daido Moriyama whose exhibition
at the Tate Modern reminded me not to be so slack, for Marty St James
who makes art that inspires me & for the marks you leave for me to find
to let me know you’re still around.