Friday 19th October


A fat crow eats a fat worm standing on blacktop, black on black & wet.
The blacktop turns purple turns lilac at sunrise, middle distance hides
in the fog. Everything is blue & still, even the crow & the fat worm,
as if the day is posing for a photograph. I’ve become slightly obsessed
with ‘Looking for a Piano’ from the musical ‘Salad Days’. The rhythm &
syncopations of the song & the quant Englishness of the vocal sounds,
clipped & pert, like oscillators with no sustain. It’s an antidote to the
fog or a message for direction, inspiration as yet to be translated
by vibration of the bones in my head. In the post this morning comes
‘Nobody Can Live Forever’ by Tim Maia, 15 tracks of 1970’s Brazilian
funk that cuts across everything I’m thinking like all the best music does.
So today, the components of this score are, Black crow & zig-zag worm,
wet Blacktop with a metallic sheen, Blue fog seeping through the trees
like smokey fingers, clipped English musical voices that conceal their
emotion dressed in crisp summer linen & Brazilian Afro Funk recorded
in the 70’s. I still can’t put words on the page to express how I feel, but
perhaps these components are the language I’m meant to speak with today
and like the artworks made last week with Toru their true nature
will only be revealed in time.