Monday 8th October


What’s that coming over the horizon, big & pink like a wasp sting?
I’ve never seen a sunrise like this, walking towards us through wet
grass smelling clean & green. Worm casts cling to the soles of our shoes,
delicately picking paths between number clusters of rabbit pellets.
Everything looks like maths down on the ground, but up in the sky
the rhythms are abstract, blue & pink like a new thrill.
What’s this reversing up to us, big & red & dirty, bringing something
wrapped in manilla cardboard & sticky tape (my favourite materials).
It’s an amazing thing all the way from California, direct from Fat Dog’s
shack. Suburban Berkley to backwater Essex my first twelve string
electric fantasy machine, unique & green, just the way I dreamed it.
The man’s a genius, his love jumps out the box. I wanna cry, instead
we listen to Elephant9.