Sunday 7th October


One’ve those days when the sun shines, you catch the train to
a place that inspires you, a back street rundown place that’s
right for what you need. You meet people who are good to be
around & great at their job. They come from places you love or
used to live & know the people you grew up with. You find
uncanny connections, like the basement of a Record shop
in Cardiff & Southend Pier. You hear Afro Beat played so sweetly
in the pocket by a guy who’s picture can’t do justice to the groove
in his limbs & you drink good coffee. Even the night streets, itching
to do mischief can’t distract you from the rhythm you’re feeling
& as you approach the station two tourists from one’ve
your favourite cities stop you for directions. You don’t know what
happens next, you know little about tomorrow, the past is an asset,
you’re living in the moment & it feels good.