Monday 24th September


Two bags of Cocoanut mushrooms, two bags of Pontefract cakes,
one bag of Toffee eclairs. Walk across the river, turn & follow it south,
then snake around & take the third left up to the station. Two teas in
paper cups, one slice of Cherry cake. Taking time out to make time
for family, away from the busy noise of busy-ness, the oh-so important
stuff that keeps us occupied whilst time & it’s pal Erosion go about their
relentless task. I can hardly stay awake it’s so peaceful here, but the stories
attached to every street, alley & building all connect to the rich history
of a family born & raised here for generations. The voices of local
characters long gone still resonate around town. The marks they left
behind are still visible, the things they built, the legends they created
for us to jaw about for decades in pubs & cafes will remain alive
for generations as long as we keep talking to one another.
We drink our tea & say their names, reliving their triumphs &
misdemeanours, talking & laughing & being a family.