Sunday 5th August


On the back of a lorry Leafcutter John cut sound into crumpled
paper for the curious who gathered to be filmed by official
cameras zoomed in on the faces of the famous in the audience.
Up on the roof radio commentators surveyed the scene beneath them
broadcasting everything they saw to tiny earpieces plugged into the ears
of tourist promenading between sideshows. The boys selling beer
shouted manfully playfully intimidating everyone like honking drakes
leaning up against their bars & smiling at the passing curves of
girls in summer dresses. Some bloke in a space suit played a theremin
for drunks who danced the robot as lap dances grazed between sideshows
on heels that made them walk like gazelles. Up the road a dinning room
still in it’s original1940’s livery where waiters served beetroot soup
to tables draped in crisp white linen & the boys & the girls were seated
so that no two genders the same were sat each other beneath austere portraits
in shades of greys & heavy frames looking down upon this gathering as
conversation turned from music to flirting.