Thursday 2nd August


It was raining, we were shopping, the streets were full of people loaded
– fresh bags. Outside the church stands a small shelter like a cage
the door unlocked during the day, a safe place for the weary.
It was raining, we were shopping, a young girl sat in the cage looking
beaten, distant. hand on the torso of a man, lay on the bench beside her,
foetal position, head in her lap, maybe older (her father?), escaped in sleep.
On a little patch of grass outside a man in his thirties, fifties?, seventies?,
stood stone still swaying in an invisible wind. Drunk, or junked, or dazed,
staring down through the ground beneath his feet. It looked like a scene in
the aftermath of an horrific disaster, but It was raining, we were shopping,
too busy to be stopping.

Tame Impala underscoring everything with ‘Elephant