Wednesday 11th July


Down in Westham hunting.
Bright uniformed cheery faces the early morning company of strangers
ease our wait in obedient queues. Another temporary East End location
to get your paperwork & plastic, emerging into rain for weeds that adorn
black top snakes winding through the arid lands that lie between A roads
& rails.
I surprised myself stumbling into the Rial Cafe. Like a Tokyo pop-up
coffee shop, lined with books & art – an Oasis staring back in the face of
Westham station. Hi-viz builders insert delicate pinches of tarmac into
stumble-cracks in pavements, perhaps that sport tourists might not tumble
or be offended by unsightly things. Suited girls wait for lifts from boys on
corners smiling & the accents are all global village.
Underscoring this, a low wind like the breath of a stalker, until Marley
starts to sing,