Monday 2nd July


List objects from left to right, making note of things they may contain –
what object is in the middle? Take a photograph of your mantlepiece & draw
a simple plan of the room. The luminous gloom of a perfect day for staying in,
focused on tasks as thick as clouds covering Essex. Turn the lights on,
fill the kettle, lift the spirit – it’s a gift, like words of a bad mood that fall
onto the page between days when all you feel is chipper. Yesterday was one
in particular – early rising into sunlight a long way from rush & clamour.
A small hidden garden at the back of the world, dangling our legs out the back
of the car, lost in the colours of the season’s living things as they danced
in a gentle breeze.

CDJ plays ‘In the Mouth – A Hand‘ by Fire! with Oren Ambarchi