Saturday 2nd June


The girl on the check-out smiles & smells of cigarettes.
Two tails of purple hair dangle down beside her ears,
a tiny delicate flower nestles on side of her head.
“Allright darlin’?” she asks as I slip my goods across her counter?
“Ooh it’s gonna be a long day, I’ve been up since six, I always
get up early, been drinking too much coffee, ha ha, I always
get up early though, even on my late shift which was yesterday
when I start at eleven through to eight even on my day off
which is tomorrow it’s probably the coffee have you got
a store card? – would you like one? – so many questions
first thing in the morning eh? – well no more questions
just pop your card in”
Her face is disproportionately small but her energy is huge.
You could power a small town off energy like that.