Monday 9th April


The day smelled of dust & old things, faces peered out at us from
the past – the magic of photographic memories. You took so many
pictures back when we were small, preserved in musty boxes in the
draws of a damp house. And though we may not have seen them for
years we know they’re all safe, wrapped in your unswerving love.
One day, when we’ve moved on, what then? Are they to be consigned
to the backs of cupboards, cleared by bailiffs or speculative builders,
ditched in bin liners over midnight walls, eroded by the elements?
Families, friends, places, memories, left to the safe keeping of future
generations. Lives lived & journeys taken that built the foundations
for these day in which we dance. Such fragile documents left to our care,
carrying the images of faces that one day will be ours. The past peers out
from fading photographs & waits for the living to re-tell
it’s extraordinary stories.