Friday 30th March


In a small room behind the sun they gathered to seek comfort
in numbers, attracted by the promise of respite from an
oppressive noise. They’d travelled for miles, like homing birds,
assured in the knowledge that something good was going to happen.
Soon the recognition of fellow travellers kicked off an energy in such
generous proportions that it was more than enough for everyone.
The broken, the weary, the misfits, freaks & the badly wired all began
to laugh & smile. Everyone, no matter how bleak they’d felt when
they walked in, lifted their eyes from the ground, looked to one another
& saw themselves smiling back. Candles flickered, like it was
Sunday Christmas & through the walls the sound of a choir
could be heard. Like the best cheesy cliché practising for Sunday,
but nobody winced, everybody grinned. When the lights popped on
everybody was squinting, laughing & joking – shaking hands
with one another & returning to the night as balls of light.