Sunday 4th March


The sky fizzes & crackles delicately like an electric current is
passing through it. The big roof in the foreground is a fat chord
sung by a male voice choir in a serious mood. The sky-lights
set into it are female sopranos going,
” Oh – Oh – Oh – Oh – Oh..” in harmony. The stains running down
the roof emit a dribbling noise. The tower at the back radiates
smug confidence & a sound like humming with it’s mouth slightly
open & teeth resting on its lower lip – the sound a child might make
to emulate an aeroplane. The thin cloud makes the sound of gentle
exhaling as if to encourage the day to relax.
The bird makes delicate, tiny & intricate sounds, more beautiful
than anything I hear all day. I close my eyes & follow the sound
beyond the cacophony of buildings to where it settles in a tree
miles away & builds a clearing inside the noise of the day.