Monday 27th February


The black posts in the foreground make the sound produced by hitting
the end of a plastic drain pipe with a cupped hand or rubber paddle
(only, more muted). The three short parallel lines sound like fast flies,
each one the same as the others. The underside of the concrete
fly-over sounds like escaping gas, but un-fluctuating in tone, approaching.
The windows to the left distance sound like beetle wings slipping back
into their casings if your ears were delicate enough to hear.
The metal fence in front of them makes the sound of coiled wire blowing
in a strong breeze, but without the sound of the breeze to cloud it.
The traffic to the right makes the sound of traffic – idling engines,
brake squeals, car horns, changing gear sounds etc. The slabes of cast
concrete floor sound like the wind in that aeroplane in Catch 22,
the one with the side blown open. The white pillar to the right
makes the sound of a summer dress. The railings behind them make
the sound of rotating bicycle spokes hitting a slow stick.
The black square at the back makes no sound, it’s sucking sound into it –
so silent it’s deafening.