Sunday 1st January


A copy of ‘The Week’ magazine, books of Shakespeare, large water
colour pads, a japanese scroll case, a bag of black & white photographs
of Tokyo, a shrivelling apple, a small pile of underworld merch,
a spare speaker for the studio, a cabinet full of cameras, an old
lap steel guitar, a valve radio, a Franz Kline exhibition catalogue,
several boxes of pencils, glue, paper clips, a new drawing (in progress),
an iPad, a table top wrapped in paper – covered in writing, a data card
adaptor, an old sony cellphone (the favoured camera), new boxes of
soft pastels, a small pile of new un-opened note books, a ruler,
an iPhone (the current camera), a set of headphones, a sharpie,
a stack of hard drives, a calculator (for decoration), two piles of
drawing paper, a schmincke pastel colour chart, two old vinyl records
(on loan), a drum beater, a tiny drum, a projector for enlarging drawings
(on loan), a small strip of carpet (for the feet), an ink writing pen,
three table lamps, a mug of black tea, a small pile of un-opened CDs
Television ‘Adventure’ on top),
a book by Chuck C, a small shrivelling orange,a collection of erasers,
a Biro, a pair of reading glasses, an instruction book for playing
the Baglama, a doll creature thing made out’ve brightly coloured scrap
hanging from a door handle, a small pink plastic ring with the number
28 on it, two cardboard boxes filled with drawing & painting tools,
a large book of recycled corrugated paper (bought in Toronto two days
before uncle past away), a Japanese bamboo tea whisk,
a Robert Motherwell catalogue, a book of David Hockney, a cube
of rubber from Tokyo Hands, a favourite hoody, a collection of receipts,
train tickets, business cards, a small piece of black wire for tidying cables,
a collection of pencil sharpeners, a view of the day getting lighter,
fast moving low cloud – perfect weather for a long walk to set up the year.