Saturday 31st December


What an extraordinary year this has been. In January Frankenstein
was yet to go public. We were living in a hotel on the South Bank,
eating porridge in the NT canteen & seeing very little of the world
outside our brutalist cocoon. Last night we drank coffee in the rain –
friends on a break between playbacks of music for the the Olympic games.
In the interim months we travelled round the world playing dance music
to happy smiling people, seen first hand the effects of the tsunami that hit
our friends in Japan, lost loved-ones, partied in Castles, on the shores of Lakes,
on Mountains & in Arenas. We drank dream coffee in the Piazzas of Turin,
dropped the kickdrum, picked up the groove, lifted spirits, washed away
sweat, dirt & tears, survived sleep deprived drivers & at the end of Summer
returned to a beautiful homecoming on Clapham Common. The fact that we’re
still here, still together, still enjoying it & still being greeting with such
warmth & enthusiasm by you is beyond anything I’ve ever imagined would be
happening to us all this way on from cooking burgers in that kitchen in
Cardiff. Thank you
& may your year ahead be as good as the ones you given us.