Wednesday 28th December


Found your face carved on a tree – a boy looks sad & old cut into
the living skin of a giant standing naked at the side of the road.
Radiant faces walk past laughing, chasing – hand in hand attired
in Christmas glow. Wrapped in vibrant, brightly coloured bands
so delicately inappropriate so proud. Be demure, reserved,
don’t be drawn to dirt & definitely don’t do what I know your thinking!
Stay clear of Hawthorns & bramble thicket & don’t even contemplate
running through tunnels in hedges hewed by animals.
Don’t climb into the arms of giants & in fact please don’t do anything
your body desires, released though it may be from seasonal confinement
to dance in the crisp clean air of winter.
Melancholy effigy, sacrificial imagery, the essence of your
darkest journeys carved so eloquently into this living skin.
Could this be a mirror I’m reflected in?