Friday 16th December


I think I’m being followed – no seriously. The bloke who sat next to me
in the waiting room this morning got off the same train coming back.
This geezer walks into the waiting room talking loud into his hand
then whips out a lap top & ogles the women as they come in. Don’t look
at his computer once, then starts looking round at me & I’m sat right
next to him! & I’m thinking,
“This bloke’s got a few patch-cords plugged into the wrong slots”
so I leave. Then, at the end of a long & fruitful day on the Yellow Brick Road,
I stumble off the train & the same geezer beats me to the ticket barrier –
no distractions this time so he ploughs through the crowd & off into
the night. I catch sight of a bone dome waiting with a cigarette & coffee,
checkin’ out the legs of the girls as they pass – brandishing a lethal smirk
& proud disregard for social etiquette. “Welcome home” I think
“Better watch where you tread”…