Monday 12th December


Driving just before sunrise, flicking from Radio 1 to 5, the light between
the silhouettes of trees makes a rhythm – a gentle but incessant ‘thudding’
on my window. Black naked branches squeak like leather-on-leather,
generating murmured conversations. To all the other motorists I guess
it just looks like sunrise, to me the day outside the car is already
full of noise. The Everyday app in my pocket is hungry. The cellphone
reminds me to take another picture. The expressions on people’s faces
cascade violent shapes into the air. Peoples moods broadcast
low disturbing rumbles, disarmed only by singing cheesy songs.
When I’m in a painting mood this stuff is soul food. When I’m trawling
for poetry it can get a bit intense, but when I’m trying to focus on the
next right thing to do I got to call in the cavalry just to cross the room.

Feels like a good day.