Thursday 8th December


It was a freezing cold day, dark & bleak before sunrise.
Wrapped up in the back of Safe Dave’s car, from the heart of Essex
into Olympic City. As the sun rose we froze in the wind, taking pictures
on top of the East London Sewage outlet. Met some nice people, found
a great cafe like something out’ve the back streets of Tokyo.
The kind’ve place that’s great for writing in, vibrant, good coffee & cake.
Met the bicycle rental man who told me about his life living
in Stratford East. Talked about new steel & glass & the energy
on the streets on the other side of the tracks.
Back in the studio today the list grows, the phone rings,
text messages & electric mails from friends – some a long time silent,
cascade through portals. Took time out on the street to write & listen,
lock on, move on & chastise myself.