Welcome to our new Underworld Beta site


Over the last couple of months we’ve been working hard to make the website a much nicer, simpler, user friendly environment for you and we’re very nearly there.

We wanted to give you an early peek whilst we’re still working on a few tweaks before the proper launch.

We’ve identified a list of bugs that we’re currently working on and there are lots of tweaks to pictures and descriptions across the whole site that are being changed. As time goes on we’ll be putting lots more back dated diaries in.
Currently individual tracks are not available for purchase but this is something we will be making available very soon.

A few links may take you on a journey somewhere you don’t intend to go, and a few pictures might not be quite right but we are on this.
We listened to the feedback you gave us previously and took that on board when building this site….many of you will be pleased to find the magnolia is gone!

If you discover anything that we might not have or want to drop us a line anyway, you can do so at [email protected] but do bare in mind the website is being worked on constantly and being changed all the time.

We hope you enjoy!