Friday 28th October

Back from a day out’ve the web-surf, focused on recording.
Another amazing sight greets us as we wake. Every day I say, “Wow, thanks”.
Watching Blue Tits & Jays on their frenzied hunt for insects in the first rays
of the sun. Digging between cracks in bricks for succulent sustenance.
Last night I watched two women laughing in the rain outside Oxfam.
They’d arranged a comfy chair & TV on the pavement in a little comedy
tableaux & were photographing one another in hysterics as I passed.
Made me smile out loud to witness such happiness. On the radio, driving
home I found Joy Division in the airwaves. Something reached out from the 80′,
re-connecting me to the magic & fear of a period in time. Once again the
sadness & loss over John Peel. Again the reminder we have no one even close
to him on the radio. Then I got the re-run of that rush of excitement about the new
technology that was becoming cheaper & actually available to us lot on the dole,
explorations in sound & the fork in the road between pop & the underground.
It was no melancholy feeling, behind the wheel in the dark & the rain. This was an
explosion of positive emotion, a re-connection to a passion I’d let slip. It was as if,
for a few minutes, John was reaching out to me again. Then this morning, I plotted up
in the sun & did a phone interview with an Italian journo out in Turin. I liked the way he
asked his questions & I like his city. It’s a pity you can’t all come & be with us at the gig on Monday night because there’s magic in those Italian streets brothers & sisters.