Wednesday 26th October

Everyday I take time out to look up at the the clouds. They’re breathtaking,
enormous paintings caught in the crisp light of an Autumn sun. Somewhere
in the world it’s Spring, a completely different light, somewhere it’s a white-out
under the fierce glare of a Summer sun. But here on the island everything is
dancing, singing in my favourite light of all. I take a walk every morning before
the phones wake. Make time to look & listen to the sounds in the dance
of light on Autumn things. Wrestling with the challenge of translating it into music
& pictures. Last night in the car I heard something crude & raw. A rarity in the airwaves.
It’s unpolished, lo-fi production was a holiday for the ears. The DJ said something
about it being one’ve John Peel’s favourites, about keeping it Peel & suddenly
it was obvious why it sounded so fresh & exciting. Today the feeling I had
that Music lost a friend when he passed away is underlined again.