Sunday 23rd October

The light is singing, shouting, screaming harmonies & sinuous rhythms.
Music I’ve been blocking out with self obsessions, but today I let you in.
Autumn hasn’t felt so real since school daze when shell charts & exquisitely
illustrated country tableaux were hung on classroom walls to remind us
of the seasons. Exhibitions curated by our teachers to mark the passage
of time. They welcomed us back into classrooms, vibrant visual stimulation or
reminders that the holiday was over, yet for one day more at least we’d smile to
one another in the playground comparing the dirt beneath our fingernails &
the stories of adventures it told like we were archeologists cataloguing sediment.
When was the last time I slipped my bare fingers into wet earth just to see how it felt?
2011 lies down beneath the trees, captured in leaf-mould memories like it was
Dandelion wine, the nectar of the Sun.
Summer lies down to die, passing life to the new seed waiting underground.
Everything is singing, shouting, screaming & today I feel like joining in.