Thursday 20th October

The misery of the internet continues into it’s 7th day.
The borrowed dongle ran out of credit last night mid download & needs topping up by
a credit card I don’t own. Is this another opportunity to reflect on the value of all this stuff.
Emails & the internet are a constant hum in the background of the day & when I look at it
they’re consistently up there amongst the top three stress-triggers. So the world recedes
into the far distance with the flick of a switch, we’re excluded from the club & the wonders
of high speed global coms reverts to the dubious luxury of others. Strangely, net related stuff
is only stressful when I’m dependant on it. As soon as I let go (like leaving the cellphone at home) whatever place I’m in becomes richer & more vibrant. As it happens, the place I typing to youĂ‚ from right now is a car, in a field that has broadband.