Tuesday 18th October

IN A GLASS WORLD: Greetings from a new day of telecom wonders. Yesterday we received news that BT couldn’t reconnect us as they were missing a box- this is turning into a piece of performance art. Fortunately a friend lent us his magic dongle, so I can reach out to you via the wonders of something tiny & slow, but working. A beautiful day in Essex emerges from the rain. Everything dancing, silver & clean in the glare of crisp autumn light. Images of extra-ordinary stained-glass panels created by Johannes Schreiter for the Blue Chapel in my head. I can’t find a good link – if you find anything please let me know. I love his work & feel a strong empathy for the marks he makes. Also heard some beautiful guitar last night, so I’m going into the studio to see if I can respond in kind – try to make a worthy contribution to the recordings Rick is making every day. (K)