Sunday 2nd October

A procession of smiling faces enter the tiny room we commandeered
asking if there’s anything at all we need. We glance around the stark
interior & laugh with them. Two small bottles of water, one half drunk,
a waste bin, an ice bucket with a puddle of cold water in the bottom &
a skimpy leather jacket alone between two wire hangers.
“Everyone keeps asking us the same, but thank you, just a few bottles
of water for stage.” Last night I rode into town in the back of a two sat-nav
silver Mercedes, walked out onto stage at Brixton Academy at 3:15am
& rode out’ve town in the back of a black Mercedes at 3:55am.
The very nice people at Tool Room Records had invited me to sing
Downpipe with our friend Mark Knight last night & I could not decline.
Sunday morning in Essex is sunny but a little blurry today, ha ha ha…