Underworld: 22.01.2020

Twist (Music Bank Jam Take 7)

  • Release date: 15 Mar 19
  • Format: Free Download, Stream

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“I was there… I’m trying to cast my mind back to 2005 and the sessions at Music Bank by the railway tracks in SE1. I can’t remember why we were there… rehearsal for upcoming gigs perhaps or were we trying to capture some of the tracks from 100 Days Off in their live shape? What I do remember was we recorded loads of versions of Twist live, straight off Rick’s Midas H1000 into an 8-track portadrive.

Listening to them today they range from reconstructed live jams hardly recognisable as the original album version to faithful renditions of the aforementioned track or long takes that rise and fall over the course of 15 minutes or more, overdubbed with wild guitar solos. The version you are listening to here falls into the last category and is pretty close to the way it was played live at the time; maybe slightly longer than you’ve heard it performed unless you were in the audience at one of those special nights where Karl was channelling the spirit of Gregg Allman or Dennis Coffey and Rick just didn’t want the music to end.” – Steve Hall

Listen to Twist (Music Bank Jam Take 7), and download the full 10min version free here.

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