Underworld: 09.07.2020

The Misterons WOUW Mix 13-12-18

  • Release date: 13 Dec 18

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“In clubs, on planes, on the street, on trains, in car parks, in cars, on speedways, outside gigs, inside gigs, in Manchester, in Amsterdam and in London….To all of you who we met and celebrated with and connected with and worked with and laughed with over this first six weeks of the DRIFT… To all of you who listened and watched …Thank you thank you… for being bold, beautiful and free.

DRIFT Episode 2 starts in mid January… In the meantime.. this week here’s a little Christmas something… this is what happens when The Misterons grab some tinsel antlers and mix up a couple of The World Of Underworld playlists….” Rick Smith

The Misterons WOUW Mix 13-12-18

  1. Sven Väth - Harlequin (the Beauty and the Beast) (Underworld remix)
  2. Underworld - Cowgirl (Winjer remix by Underworld)
  3. Underworld - Little Speaker
  4. Saint Etienne - Cool Kids of Death (Underworld version)
  5. Underworld - Confusion The Waitress
  6. Front 242 - Happiness (Underworld dance remix)
  7. Dreadzone - Zion Youth (Underworld remix)
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