Underworld: _beta 12.12.2018

T2 Trainspotting OST

  • Release date: 27 Jan 17
  • Format: CD, LP Compilation
  • Record Label: Polydor
  • Cat. no: 5737941

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You could say that Underworld are part of the DNA of  Trainspotting – a story that started with the directors cut of the original film, and continues today with the just-finished sequel T2 Trainspotting…

“On the first film, the heartbeat, the river run, was Underworld’s DUBNOBASSWITHMYHEADMAN, and then the needle-drop of BORN SLIPPY—but what a needle drop!  And on  T2  it was Rick Smith from Underworld agreeing to score the film and to help Jon Harris and I with the whole soundtrack—original score and needle-drops.”  Danny Boyle

Twenty years on, Rick weaves a score to the new film from tracks, old and new, original and reconceived, which include a new piece by Underworld (Eventually But)  and a reimagining of  Born Slippy (Slow Slippy).

“One of the Greek philosophers, can’t remember which one, thought that whatever you say about something, the opposite is equally true. The word he used for this tension was ‘fire’—and that’s what Trainspotting had. It was in Irvine’s book and it was in Danny’s film, in the characters and in the music. 20 years on, I’ve loved writing and collecting music for T2 and can only hope that it catches in the same way.”  Rick Smith.