Underworld: 09.07.2020

Leipzig Warehouse Jam 050715

  • Release date: 25 Jul 19
  • Format: Stream

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A pair of stray Essex builders, a disused school building and a celebration of the finest seasonal legume known to man… how does that collectively sound? It sounds like thirty nine minutes of expansive, exploratory, glorious rumble. We should do this more often.

“I remember Rick mobilising the crew to find a location we could record a jam in. They found an old school building being converted into an arts centre. We had to share billing with a load of bedding plants. Two builders walked in on us jamming, both from Romford!

The one called his wife to tell her he’d be home late as his favourite band, Underworld, had turned up to play on his building site. No surprise that she didn’t believe him and obviously thought something fishy was going on, so he handed me his phone to convince her. Even I couldn’t persuade her we really were there. He stayed, went home late and got in trouble, but Rick told him we would put him and his wife on the guest list for a festival we were playing the next day. He turned up backstage beaming and introduced us to his bemused wife, looking shocked but relieved to discover that the implausible story her husband had spun her was the truth.” (Karl)

“I can’t remember much… it was the same time as the Leipzig Asparagus Festival so I ate some gigantic white asparagus” (Rick)

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