Underworld: 23.02.2020


  • Release date: 17 Mar 11
  • Format: CD, Digital
  • Record Label: Underworld Live

Frankenstein: Music From The Play

In 2011, Underworld contributed the score and all audio effects to the National Theatre’s production of Frankenstein (directed by Danny Boyle). The play stars; Benedict Cumberbatch, Jonny Lee Miller, Naomie Harris, Karl Johnson and George Harris.


Frankenstein: Music From The Play

  1. Overture
  2. Incubator
  3. Industrial Revolution
  4. Dawn Of Eden
  5. Beggars Attack And Creature Alone
  6. De Lacey Cottage Guitar
  7. Not A King (Snow)
  8. Faery Folk And Nightingale
  9. Female Creature Dream
  10. Creature Banished And Cottagers Burn
  11. Hide And Seek, Body In Boat
  12. The Alps
  13. Frankenstein House
  14. Sea Shanty And Croft
  15. Bride Creature.Walk
  16. Bride Creature.Death 1:17
  17. Wedding Song And Bedroom
  18. Arctic Wastes
  19. Come Scientist Destroy