Underworld: 28.05.2020

DRIFT Episode 1 “DUST”

  • Release date: 06 Dec 18
  • Format: Download / Stream
  • Record Label: Smith Hyde Productions

At the start of November 2018, Underworld launched Episode 1 of their “DRIFT” series, a year-long project that sees the band release new work on consecutive Thursdays. On December 6th 2018, in close collaboration with long time Tomato partner Simon Taylor, the band release the film and audio resolution of DRIFT Episode 1: DUST.

DUST rises up with cyclonic techno, woozy acid bass and hypnotic calls to action, opens out with layer upon layer of splintered ambient sound topped with languid, daydream poetry and heads out into the cosmos with an elasticated groove to astrally project to. A snapshot of one month spent in Smith and Hyde’s heads, DUST is an idea gloriously exploded inside the World of Underworld.

Now presented via all major streaming/download platforms, DRIFT Episode 1: DUST features extended and developed versions of each of the Thursday releases, including collaborations with DJ and Producer Ø [Phase], Australian experimental impro-trance band The Necks and a piece made to reflect the ongoing work of the award-winning Manchester Street Poem project.

DRIFT Episode 1: DUST features:

  1. Intro (BYTWB)
  2. Universe of Can When Back
  3. Dexters Chalk (Underworld & Ø [Phase])
  4. Another Silent Way
  5. Low Between Zebras feat. Matthew Trevannion
  6. A Very Silent Way (Underworld & The Necks)
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