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  • Release date: 13 Sep 10
  • Format: CD/DVD, CD, Super Deluxe, LP
  • Record Label: Underworld Live

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Barking was released in 2010 and was Underworld’s sixth studio album celebrating 30 years together. It was their first time working with other producers  from across the spectrum of modern dance music including Welsh Drum and Bass artist High Contrast,  Mark Knight, D. Ramierez and four time Grammy Award winner Dubfire.

Barking Album Tracklist

  1. Bird 1
  2. Always Loved A Fim
  3. Scribble
  4. Hamburg Hotel
  5. Grace
  6. Between Stars
  7. Diamond Jigsaw
  8. Moon In Water
  9. Louisiana

Alternative Versions

  1. Strumpet Groove
  2. Always Loved A Film (Lemonworld Mix)
  3. You Do Scribble
  4. Hamburg Hotel Essex
  5. Grace (Telematic Peal Mix)
  6. Between Stars (Lemonworld Mix)
  7. Diamond Jigsaw (Demo Mix)
  8. Moon In Water (Lemonworld Mix)
  9. Louisiana (Jumping The Cran)

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