Underworld: 28.05.2020

Are You Rockstar

  • Release date: 21 Mar 19
  • Format: Download, Stream

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“We’ll come back to that later.”
“Yeah, there’s something about it isn’t there?”
“Hang on to it.”
“I’ve got a couple of ideas.”
“If it went more like…”

Here is “Are You Rockstar”. Maybe you’ve been waiting?

And it’s still just as you might have heard in a Pigshed broadcast from some time ago.
Every couple of years, someone would mention it and we’d get all excited, usually around the compiling of a new album. And then the same discussion would unfold.

“There’s definitely something there…”
“I can’t put my finger on it…”
“Don’t waste it…”
“We’ll come back to that later.”


  1. Are You Rockstar
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