Underworld: 08.07.2020

Surrounded by stars, GAME is a road sign that points to the future.

We messed up. We’re late. Later than usual. And so… here is Episode 5 in its entirety as a free download, for you, available until it goes up on streaming services in the coming days… until then.

“Are you ready for the sky?”
“No weapons beyond this point.”
Some Underworld records sound like they were made for dark, inside spaces. And some… some don’t.
Like the first wisps of daylight breaking the horizon, Toluca Stars is vast and wide-open, a place where a beautifully minimal vocal floats on a gentle, persuasive pulse before giving way to a poetry that speaks of odd days ahead.

“We started writing Toluca Stars in Mexico, in a hotel on the outskirts of the City of Toluca. It struck us as being odd and a bit stark, but everyone working in the place had this upbeat energy and we ended up writing some of our favourite tracks there. Looking back we always say we wish we’d had someone filming us, to show you the scenes on the streets outside, things I’ve never seen in my life – surreal and at the same time heartbreaking.”Karl

If you like… Eight Ball, Motor Home, Cut Clouds, Low Between Zebras… then Toluca Stars (Film Edit) belongs to you.


This weeks DRIFT, a triple crown winner… Mile Bush Pride

If you like… Confusion The Waitress, Grace, Crocodile, Bird 1… then Mile Bush Pride (Film Edit) belongs you.

There’s a blue sky but a storm’s brewing out at sea. Hear it in the modulating synths, the pictures painting words. Fairytale summer? There could be trouble ahead. Leave the light on.

If you like… Air Towel, Between Stars, Little Speaker, Trapped… then Imagine a Box belongs to you. Listen to more on the melodicgroovefortwistedfloorsman playlist

Spoken from the book of words, voices that tumble ‘til they lose all meaning. An acid pulse rises to scorch them away. Intense, dark and compelling, Give Me The Room is the cliffhanger for DRIFT series 1.

Give Me The Room is the third DRIFT/track to emerge from the collaboration between Underworld and DJ/producer Ashley Burchett a.k.a. Ø [Phase], and the penultimate part of episode 5…

Give Me The Room will be released on September 19th.

If you like… Kittens, Dinosaur Adventure 3D and Dexters Chalk… then Give Me The Room belongs to you. Listen to more on the bigroombangersandstadiumtechnoman playlist.

Find a club somewhere you’d never expect one to exist. Walk into a crowd that’s collectively spellbound by the music. Join them, hooked in, surrounded by a swirl of sound that’s forever one step ahead of you. You’ll never want to leave.

If you like… Cups, Crocodile, Banstyle… then Tree and Two Chairs belongs to you.

Take a rhyme that’s so familiar it’s almost become a part of our DNA and evolve it into something strange and inspiring — a celebration of life, and of lives, and of the good and the truly great.

DRIFT Series 1 concludes on 1st November, marking 1 year since the start of the epic DRIFT journey of 52 releases in 52 weeks…

“Did any of us ever seriously think there wouldn’t be a DRIFT series 2…?”Karl

“It’s madness isn’t it?… We’ll do this together until we’re dust”Rick

Further details of the DRIFT Series 1 box set, including the tracklisting are now available here.

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