Underworld: 08.07.2020

A mesmerizing drift into springtime; a journey across miles of open sands into tight city streets where neon blurs past the windscreen as night turns to day, this HEART beats to the sound of gorgeous hyperspace soul, metropolitan electro, scratched up ghostly radio transmissions and rumbling ultra heavy percussive techno.

The DRIFT Series continues tonight with Dune – a hyperspace soul song and a beautifully horizontal slice of life observation that eavesdrops on quiet lives lived in a place where, “they’re digging up the roads, making houses, not roads to join them together”.

Every morning I heard her singing in the shower, oblivious to the world, totally lost in some happy place she never seemed to find anywhere else… – Karl


Dune is also available to stream and download everywhere, right now…

“From the gutter to the stars, you look up into the pale light of an underground train…”

Custard Speedtalk is here; Spring has arrived.

If you like8 Ball, Get Your Shirt, Caliban’s Dream, Ballet Lane, Dune… then Custard Speedtalk belongs to you.

“Do you wanna buy my car?”

An electragliding city groove built on a sun-bleached low-rise bassline; the sound of a teeming high altitude metropolis heard from an open car window…

“La Dusseldorf’s unwritten love letter to Essex, podium dancers, solorised cities, markers by the side of the road as the migrant sons & daughters of Wales come home” – (Karl)


If you likeMo Move, Soniamode, Dark & Long (Dark Train), Cool Kids of Death (Underworld Mix), Air Towel, Cups (Salt City Orchestra Vertical Bacon Vocal Mix), Beautiful Burnout…then This Must Be Drum Street belongs to you.

“Did you wake up in the place you wanted?… or are you missing something?”

Wake up to a galloping rhythm track and the rumble of percussion that sounds like the stars exploding overhead; drums as peals of thunder, as portents, as liberation and elevation.

This is the best place.

If you likeDownpipe, Spoonman, Moaner, Threat of Rain, Kittens, Dogman Go Woof… then Pinetum belongs to you.

World of Underworld playlist: bigroombangersandstadiumtechnoman.

Alice in the underground – Absolem in metamorphosis

A low string breathing; frenetic squalls, auric vibrations, a storm coming up from the South whispered close to an ear, ghost tracks rumbling through dusty underground stations carry us eventually out into summer sunlight.

All the while, the Poet Cat stalks the periphery.

(Featuring the violin and saxophone of Georgia Ellery and Lewis Evans of Jockstrap and Black Country, New Road)

If you like… Tongue, Santiago, Sandman (I’ll Be There), Molehill… then Poet Cat belongs to you.

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