Originally recorded specially for Manchester International Festival 2017’s Manchester Street Poem – a live installation telling the stories of people who find themselves homeless in the city – Doris is one part of the hour-long Manchester Street Poem installation Score and a reflective moment and reminder to look out for one another; it sounds as if a piece of Japanese environmental music has been reimagined as the soundtrack to sunrise over the rain soaked pavements of a Northern industrial town as it shakes itself awake.

Now available for the first time, the whole score, including Doris can be purchased here. Proceeds from its sale will be used to help run the ongoing Manchester Street Poem project, which strives to give voice to those with lived experience of homelessness.

Manchetser Street Poem Installation Score

This year Manchester Street Poem returns in a new incarnation to the very heart of the Festival, with a daily-changing exhibition in Festival Square. Billboard-sized artworks will be created each day at a temporary city centre workshop by Karl Hyde and the Manchester Street Poem team.

The workshop at the Old Bauer Millett Arches (8 Albion St, Manchester M1 5LN) is open to visitors 12-8pm between 8th and 21st July. Admission is free. Further info: mcrstreetpoem.com and mif.co.uk

If you like… Most ‘Ospitable, Cuddle Bunny vs Celtic Villages, Shudder, Bungalow With Stairs then Doris belongs to you.

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