Almost impossibly beautiful music pulled together from what should be incongruous parts. Europe’s endless motorways stretching into the night, broadcast live from Essex. Unpredictable, unique. Underworld.

David Bowie’s LOW was the first record that made me realise that a singer can stand at the back as well as the front of the band. Rick was ahead of me in his vision for the dubnobasswithmyheadman album and he’s done it again with Brussels. Twenty-four hours before this release it was one of a pile of unfinished pieces ‘not’ scheduled to come out. Simon Taylor filmed his route home that evening as he travelled down the motorway – some of this footage inevitably found its way into the conversation. Working back and forth with sound and image is how we’re developing the DRIFT Series, Rick weaving and stitching grooves, melody and words together; drawing parts from disparate songs to create a piece of music that shocked me. Twenty four hours ago, this journey through the edge of night didn’t exist. Karl

If you like Why Why Why, Spoonman, Bird 1, Oich Oich then Brussels is for you. 

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