Latest release: Toluca Stars

Like the first wisps of daylight breaking the horizon, Toluca Stars is vast and wide-open, a place where a beautifully minimal vocal floats on a gentle, persuasive pulse before giving way to a poetry that speaks of odd days ahead.

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Episode 1 "DUST"

At the start of November 2018, Underworld launched “DRIFT” Series 1, a year-long project that saw the band release new work each week for 52 weeks. On December 6th 2018, in close collaboration with long time Tomato partner Simon Taylor, the band released the film and audio resolution of DRIFT Episode 1: DUST.

Between November and the start of December new compositions and films were made, often reactively to the previous week’s work, and broadcast via All the Thursday releases have now been fused together into a single story told in music, film and text: DRIFT Episode 1: DUST

DRIFT started as a journey with no fixed destination; a very public experiment by one of the most influential electronic acts of all time. On that journey, the band’s Karl Hyde and Rick Smith stopped at a pig shed in Essex; Rockingham Speedway; a hotel room in Reykjavik; AIR studios and a series of tiny club shows in Amsterdam, Manchester and London. Each of those stop off points helped influence the creation of some of the most vital music they’ve released in years.

DRIFT is the opposite of ‘normal’ or ‘usual practice’. A man walks a dog. The dog says hello.” Karl Hyde

DUST rises up with cyclonic techno, woozy acid bass and hypnotic calls to action, opens out with layer upon layer of splintered ambient sound topped with languid, daydream poetry and heads out into the cosmos with an elasticated groove to astrally project to. A snapshot of one month spent in Smith and Hyde’s heads, DUST is an idea gloriously exploded inside the World of Underworld.

Now presented via all major streaming/download platforms, DRIFT Episode 1: DUST features extended and developed versions of each of the Thursday releases, including collaborations with DJ and Producer Ø [Phase], Australian experimental impro-trance band The Necks and a piece made to reflect the ongoing work of the award-winning Manchester Street Poem project. 

Episode 2 "ATOM"

If DRIFT Episode 1: DUST was the spark and surge of a journey beginning, ATOM explodes skywards before splitting off to explore multiple new paths.

This time, the journey begins with a minimalist, hypnotic small hours techno glide (Appleshine), heads out past the emerging shoots of a spring green pastoral England (Molehill); onwards and upwards with 15 minutes of deep and occasionally discomfiting analogue machine music (Threat of Rain), down the tarmac of Europe endless all through the night (Brussels); crossing continents to wake up at a prismatic electro-carnival in the heart of New Orleans (Soniamode) before finally stretching out into mesmerising 47 minute long head trip that returns to the beginning of the journey (Appleshine Continuum recorded with Australian trio The Necks).

Episode 3 "HEART"

A mesmerizing drift into springtime; a journey across miles of open sands into tight city streets where neon blurs past the windscreen as night turns to day, this HEART beats to the sound of gorgeous hyperspace soul, metropolitan electro, scratched up ghostly radio transmissions and rumbling ultra heavy percussive techno.

Episode 4 "SPACE"

Techno as bright and brilliant as midday sunlight, it’s wild detuned bass and discomfiting vocals. It’s the boom-boom of digital dub and it’s gorgeously evocative ambient music. It’s music for fields, music for tents and for headphones; music to lose yourself in and to.