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the opposite of ‘normal’ or ‘usual practice’ (Karl Hyde)

Drift, Episode 1: Dust

DRIFT started as a journey with no fixed destination; an experiment and a very public investigation of new working processes by Underworld. On that journey, Karl and Rick stopped at a pig shed in Essex; Rockingham Speedway; a hotel room in Reykjavik; AIR studios and a series of tiny club shows in Amsterdam, Manchester and London. Each of those stop off points helped influence the creation of DRIFT Episode 1 parts 1 to 5…

Now presented via all major streaming/download platforms, DRIFT Episode 1: DUST features extended and developed versions of each of the Thursday releases, including collaborations with DJ and Producer Ø [Phase], Australian experimental impro-trance band The Necks and a piece made to reflect the ongoing work of the award-winning Manchester Street Poem project. 

Tomato’s Simon Taylor has brought together the series of films into a resolve of Episode 1…

The second episode of DRIFT begins in January 2019, sign up to be the first to hear about it:

Drift, Ep 1, Pt. 5: A Very Silent Way

A Very Silent Way is Ep. 1, Pt. 5 of Underworld’s DRIFT Series. The track improvised in collaboration with The Necks soundtracks a film by tomato’s Simon Taylor using film and stills shot during a two-day recording session at AIR Lyndhurst Hall earlier this year.

“Karl and I spent two glorious days with The Necks at AIR studios in London exploring long improvisations based on our music for Drift and I had the time of my life with these incredibly talented, beautiful people. This initial release represents just a small part of that body of work.” – Rick

Drift, Ep 1, Pt. 4: Universe of Can When Back

Arriving on a minimalist electronic glide, Universe of Can When Back builds from a restless lyrical drift to a hypnotic call to action that’s ushered in over unexpected sparks of unhinged saxophone (played by Lewis Evans).

The new film that accompanies it, by tomato’s Simon Taylor, uses clips of Karl Hyde writing furiously in his daily process of gathering words for Underworld, mixed with images shot while on a road trip in Tokyo.

Drift, Ep 1, Pt. 3: Low Between Zebras

Low Between Zebras (featuring the voice of Matthew Trevannion), is Episode 1 Part 3 of Underworld’s DRIFT Series. The film, by Underworld and Mollie Gallagher, draws inspiration from stories gathered through the Manchester Street Poem project in 2017 and its release coincides with Rick & Karl’s participation in a new MSP installation at the International Arts & Homelessness Festival taking place in Manchester this week.

“The original brief for the film was inspired by a story I heard from a lady who had begged on the street and how she had watched the world every day from low down to the ground. How legs & feet moving around & past her, always ‘going somewhere’, reinforced her own feelings of going nowhere.” Karl Hyde

Low Between Zebras is Underworld for the other small hours – for those quiet times when the dawn breaks and the road seems endlessly inviting.

Drift, Ep 1, Pt. 2: Dexters Chalk

A collaboration with producer and DJ Ashley Burchett a.k.a. Ø [Phase], Dexters Chalk soundtracks a new film by tomato’s Simon Taylor. Watch it below…

Drift, Ep 1, Pt. 1: Another Silent Way

Kicking-off with their feet firmly in their world of live dance music, Another Silent Way is uniquely and unmistakably Underworld, all thunderous drums, relentless acid lines and cyclone vocals, soundtracking a film made in collaboration with the UK drift racing community and Tomato and shot entirely at the Rockingham Speedway in Corby in summer 2018.