in the belly of Saint Paul

in the belly of Saint Paul by Karl Hyde & John Warwicker

‘Alone in these streets…
these passages of time spent travelling between.
into the gaps again.
A notebook. A pen. A camera. A photographic ear.’

‘In the belly of Saint Paul’ is the second typographical journal by Karl Hyde and John Warwicker. The first journal ‘mmm…skyscraper, i love you’

Published originally in 1994 and repriced several times since) took a similar journey through the streets of New York transcribing the mix of personal experience, imperfect memories, overheard conversations and chance encounters (some fact, some fiction, often a combination of both) into a delicious typographic panorama.

‘in the belly of Saint Paul’ is similar but different. This time the wanderings take place in central London, its alleyways and its hinterland.

The Darkness that was 17th century london is still present, waiting and ready.
The quick grope in the doorway underneath a stone angel.
Bleached Blonde and legless. Friday night. Once again.
The raw material for this book was gathering during the period 1992-1998.

You can view the pictures from the journey here:

Originally published in 2003 on Underworld Print.