Bernard Jacobson Gallery, London Exhibition

Karl Hyde: What’s going on in your head when your dancing
Exhibition, Bernard Jacobson Gallery, London, 2012

On Tuesday 17th July 2012 an exhibition of Karl Hyde’s paintings & drawings titled “What’s Going On In Your Head When You’re Dancing?” opened at the Bernard Jacobson Gallery in London’s Cork Street. The collection was first exhibited in Tokyo in 2010 and this was its first showing in Europe.

About The Work:

“Hyde’s large-scale paintings, diptych and triptychs, are entirely abstract gestural works, which have an affinity to both abstract expressionism and Japanese calligraphy. Painted on paper or packing cardboard with very large soft brushes and drawn into with charcoal and pastel, in some works one single gesture runs the length of the surface, in others marks combine into something more rhythmically complex. Hyde will often sit in front of the blank support, rehearsing the action he is about to take in his head before he begins the work itself, in much the same way as he rehearses the movements he will make across the stage during a performance. In the exhibition these paintings will be accompanied by more intimate pencil drawings and scroll like works in pencil and gouache on Japanese fold-out books, which describe driving through the chaotic urban environment of cities such as Tokyo and Miami.”

A Catalogue designed by John Warwicker (tomato) that included images of the paintings in the exhibition, an archive of previous works including digital paintings and an exclusive interview with Karl. View the catalogue  here

For more information on the exhibition and the gallery please click here