Underworld: 09.07.2020

Beautiful Burnout ArtJam

Beautiful Burnout ArtJam
The Art of Underworld

“Beautiful Burnout” is both a track from Underworld’s album Oblivion with Bells as we’ll as a multi-media exhibition held at at Jacobson Howard Gallery New York during the All Points West Music and Arts Festival.

The New York Art Jam produced an intoxicating confluence of graceful macro-photography, compelling videos and film, lush and mesmerizing sound, layered collages of street snapshots and a poetic diary of painting, images and text.

“We’ve always been asked “where is the edge of Underworld and where is the edge of Tomato?” as if it needs to be conventionally ‘boxed'”. For us, it’s just our daily process of making things in whatever medium is at hand. Beautiful Burnout is the dynamic expression of this process” (John Warwicker, Tomato Co-Founder)