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BPM Karl Hyde Acrylic, charcoal, chalk, graphite on board, 2013 140 x 495mm

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Manchester Street Poem

Underworld’s Manchester Street Poem ran from 6th – 14th July 2017 at  UNFEAR, 68-70 Oldham street, as part of Manchester International Festival. Over the year, Karl…

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Shibuya Shibuya, we face a shining future

Underworld took centre stage at the tomato 25th Anniversary exhibition “O” at Parco Shibuya, Tokyo. Parco presented the 25th anniversary exhibition of globally acclaimed design collective tomato. The exhibition “O” occupied…

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La Foret, Tokyo Exhibition

Karl Hyde: What’s going on in your head when your dancing Exhibition, La Foret, Tokyo 2010  Invite Translation: 1) Karl Hyde’s first solo painting exhibition…

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Beautiful Burnout ArtJam

Beautiful Burnout ArtJam The Art of Underworld “Beautiful Burnout” is both a track from Underworld’s album Oblivion with Bells as we’ll as a multi-media exhibition…

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